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Stellar For The Cellar with Mike

Over the years of talking about wine the most commonly asked question is “ Will this wine age?” According to Wine Industry research 95% of the wine sold today will be enjoyed within two hours of purchase. So much for ageing let alone letting the wine even breath.

When I taught classes I told students that in my opinion of the 95% of these wines will continue to develop for minimum of 3 years. The question is what flavors are you looking for? As wine ages the fruit component becomes more integrated. Over time (depending on the wine) these can develop great complexity. Recently one of our Friday nighters was concerned that their wine rack was full, and therefore was a bit hesitant about buying another bottle. This is a great opportunity to see how with some wines in as little as in 6 month or hopefully with more patience the wines have improved. To me a well-stocked wine cellar is like a well-stocked library. Whether you choose to stock books, movies or music; the opportunity to enjoy when you would like is the valuable part. 

The following are some suggestions for future pleasure:

Will be better in the next 2 years

Can be enjoyed over the next 5 years

For those that can be patient – might have to wait for at least another 10 years

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