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Out & About with Deb: De Fer Coffee

Out and about in the Strip District the other day I found myself in De Fer Coffee. This is a place that has Intrigued me for some time. These great folks come to our office once a month and sample some wines for their secret society of wine lovers. (stop in and ask them about this!) Because I have the craziest schedule ever I never had the chance to see them in action, but from the beginning I was curious about this coffee house, and not just a coffee house but one dedicated to serious coffee creations, serving wine… my two favorite beverages. One starts my day and the other ends it.  So why haven’t more coffee shops started this trend? 

I want you to know about these folks not because they carry our wine, but because this is a great concept and they take it seriously. The wines they carry aren't just any wine you'll easily find, but interesting wines... wines from Bolivia one month, wines from Portugal another. Sparkling wines from around the world are on the way in the months to come.

De Fer Coffee is a truly unique and innovative place. Their coffee creations are absolutely amazing, their super-secret "Flight Night" wine club is literally the coolest thing around, and they carry two of our favorites - our Cava from Pares Balta and one of our kegs wines from Italy, that are available all the time. (for those not in their secret wine society). Plus they have great nibbles to go with the exceptional wine selection so a midday treat is possible.

Swing in and say hi to them and have a sip of coffee (or wine) depending on your mood. 

De Fer Coffee • 2002 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 • the Strip

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