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NEW Whiskey Arrivals for Spring 2019!

Rare bottles, private selections, and limited releases.

I am very excited to announce that our amazing sister company Dreadnought Wines is expanding their spirit selections. Along with interesting and sometimes limited wine selections you've come to know them for they now have available an amazing selection of spirits.   

These selections will run from very affordable to very special - rare bottles, limited releases, etc. It will run from whiskey to whisky to rums to grape spirits and beyond.

As palate educators we are excited to share these with you. Because some in the collections are very limited (as in eight bottles for the entire country kind of limited) Dreadnought has set up a specific procedure for securing bottles from this collection, which you can find below. If you see something on this list you are interested in call us right away to place your request and put a payment method on file. In many cases we are competing with the rest of the US for these bottles.   

Steps to Order:

  • Call us

  • Tell us which bottle(s) you are interested in

  • Put a credit card on file

  • We will send the request to the collection

  • We will NOT charge your card until the bottle is safe in our warehouse

  • We will contact you once your bottle is ready for pick up

We are going to start with whiskey but there will be more delights of all kinds down the road, so stay tuned!


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