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Limited Release: Richard Kershaw Wines!

Updated: Sep 9, 2019


An extraordinary offer has been sent our way, and we want to give you first shot at this. This is a big deal -- a really big deal -- but it is also a big ask. We are asking you to trust not just us but other people about this wine. This is a pre-sale of wines from Richard Kershaw in South Africa. This is not necessarily a name that you will know because he doesn’t make enough wine for the world to instantly know him. But they will…

In order to explain these wines better I have asked two people who are better qualified than I am to speak about them. One of them is Adam, who you all know by now is beyond well-informed about South African wines, and one other special person. We are often asked about how we pick wines for our portfolio so I thought I’d have Robert Jones, Master Sommelier, who works for the importer of these wines to explain how they were finally able to bring these wines to the US. They then come to Dreadnought Wines because Robert feels that we have the clientele and the expertise to sell them with care to people who will appreciate them. These wines are available in very, very tiny quantities. 

Deb and Mike


A Note From Robert:

KPF (Kysela Pere et Fils, the importer) became aware of Richard Kershaw and his wines in 2013 on one of our educational & buying trips to South Africa and the wines stood out from the pack; they were pure, clean expressions and not reliant on power and intensity. In 2015 on a subsequent visit to South Africa we ran into Richard at the Cape Wine Fair and Fran Kysela (owner of KPF) told me to go to his booth to taste his wines. Richard blind tasted me on a few sets of wines and asked me for feedback. In each case there was a wine that was clearly superior to the other and I told this to Richard. He smiled and told me that I was correct, and that in each case his recent wines far outshone his earlier (but still competent) efforts. Fast-forward to 2019 and his wines are simply superb. Balanced, correct, intense and taut. Treats to drink. KPF is fortunate to represent the Kershaw wines; all that we wish is that they were produced in slightly greater quantities!

Thank you, 

Robert Jones 

Master Sommelier / Advanced Sake Professional 


A Note From Adam:

There are some wines in this world that stop you in your tracks, forcing you to pay close attention to the brilliance in the glass before you. It just so happens that Master of Wine Richard Kershaw makes a few of them, all from the Elgin district of South Africa.

Kershaw is a virtuoso with the Chardonnay and Syrah grapes, and he believes that this high-elevation district in the Cape South Coast, the coolest wine-growing district in South Africa, is tailor-made for these varieties. It would seem he’s onto something if the other experts are to be believed; these wines received 95+ points from the world’s foremost critics, including Jamie Goode, Jancis Robinson, South African expert Tim Atkin, and several others. Decanter selected his Deconstructed Chardonnay Lake District CY95, my personal favorite, as one of the 10 best Chardonnays outside of Burgundy, and countless competitions have seen his wines place ahead of first growth Puligny-Montrachets, California’s Chateau Montelena, and other ‘bigger’ names. The Syrahs are equally noted for their graceful elegance, displaying an intense perfume of dark berries, leathery spice, and pepper with a plush texture.

But you can take it from me, too. You all know that South African wine is my specialty, and of the hundreds of Cape wines I’ve tasted throughout the years, I can honestly say that Kershaw’s wines are among the absolute very best – and much better than some of the most noteworthy names and appellations anywhere in the world. If that’s the case, why haven’t you heard of them before, you ask? Well, the quantities are miniscule: we’re talking a mere 350 bottles of the aforementioned Lake District Chardonnay produced in 2016! And when Kysela Pere et Fils approached us specifically to represent these wines in Pennsylvania, understanding my passion for and expertise in South African wine, we were honored, recognizing the precious rarity being offered to us – and, most importantly, to you.

These wines will get snatched up pretty quickly, and as the world gets in on the secret, they’re going to get even harder to obtain. Don’t miss your chance to experience world-class wines made with the utmost care and precision by someone who understands wine inside and out.


There are approximately 24 bottles of each of the following available.

Below are prices per bottle and include all taxes.

Pre-sale for the below wines is available through September 17th, 2019

These wines will be available after September 25th.

Please email deb at  to place your orders.  

Kershaw Deconstructed Lake District Cartref Chardonnay 2017 CY96 Sourced from the western part of Elgin, known as the Lake District, this clone produces wines that are nervous, aromatic, elegant and sharp with slightly lower alcohol and finely balanced, the fruit profile being subtle with hints of citrus/orange peel and peach blossom and with time, some nutty elements. The Cartref soils, a mixture of decomposed granite, pebbles and quartz, adds delicacy and heightens the fruit intensity

$101.89 per bottle


Kershaw Deconstructed Groenland Bokkeveld Shale Chardonnay 2017 CY548 Sourced from the foothills of the Groenland Mountain in Northern Elgin this clone has been taken from Corton Charlemagne cuttings. It produces wines that have aromatics oscillating between lemon blossom, white flowers, petrichor and struck stone. Full in body they exude concentration with white stone fruit yet reinforced with an austere texture and robustness that makes for excellent aging potential. The Bokkeveld Shales adds structure and concentration to the flavor.  $101.89 per bottle


Kershaw Deconstructed  Lake District Cartref Chardonnay 2017 CY95 Sourced from a parcel in the Western part of Elgin the 95 clone is known for its excellent quality creating wines that are aromatic, fuller bodied and rich yet tightly structured, well–balanced with length of flavor, managing to show restraint and mouth-watering passivity with a great line through the palate and fruit veering towards white peach flesh and nectarine. On Bokkeveld Shales it brings amplified perfume on the nose and persistence and elegance to the palate. $101.89 per bottle


Kershaw Deconstructed Groenland Bokkeveld Shale Syrah 2016 SH9c Sourced from a single parcel in the Northern part of Elgin the 9c clone when planted in cooler areas is known to produce wines that are well scented, delicately balanced and savory. They are medium in weight resonating elegance, finesse of tannin, and purity of fruit, the flavors revealing more white pepper, violet/lavender, Victoria plum and iodine. They tend to exude freshness and energy with lively acidity giving precision to the wine. On Bokkeveld Shales it brings amplified perfume, more structural integrity and concentration to the flavor. $101.89 per bottle


Kershaw Deconstructed Lake District Cartref Syrah 2016 SH22 Sourced from a single parcel in the Western part of Elgin, the 22 clone produces fuller, well-colored yet finely structured wines. They tend to be more concentrated as yields are low with more black fruit, black pepper and meaty notes. The Cartref soils, a mixture of decomposed sandstone, pebbles and quartz, add gracefulness and heighten the fruit intensity. $101.89 per bottle


Kershaw GPS Lower Duivenhoks River Chardonnay 2017 Restraint, minerality, freshness of fruit and a chiselled edge reflect limestone’s soil properties. This 2017 vintage reveals clean, bright aromas of lemon blossom, wet chalk and powdered stones. Penetrating intensity, animated acidity with a rich mid palate weight, this wine has purity of fruit (orange peel, yellow cling peaches and grapefruit peel) lemon cream biscuits and crème fraiche textures with a long finish. $55.09 per bottle

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