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WSET in Pittsburgh! Wine & Spirits Education has never been better!

Palate Partners School of Wine & Spirits are big supporters of WSET and we're ready to help you achieve your Wine, Spirits, and Sake education goals.

What is WSET

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust [WSET] has become the most recognized professional certification in the fields of Wine, Spirits, and Sake education in the world.

WSET courses vary in length depending on the level of study. At the end of each course students will take a comprehensive exam, by successfully displaying their knowledge and passing their exam students earn their WSET certification and receive both a WSET certificate and lapel pin.

Who takes WSET courses?

Many choose to achieve their WSET certification, from professionals to casual consumers, and everyone in between.

  • Service Industry Employees

  • Sommeliers

  • Restaurateurs

  • Winemakers

  • Educators

  • Collectors

  • Writers

  • Connoisseurs

  • Sales Professionals

  • Bloggers and Influencers

  • Wine Reviewers

  • Event Planners

Why take WSET with Palate Partners?

At Palate Partners we go above and beyond to make sure you're set up for success as a WSET student. We offer extra study guidance, mock exams, one-on-one access to our instructors, and so much more!

We have an almost perfect pass rate for our in-person students for all levels (98% of WSET students that take classes with us here at our school earn their certification on their first try)!

All of our pass rates are above global averages, and 100% of our Level 2 students (in both wine and spirits) pass their certifications on their first try! The vast majority of them (84% for these past two school years) pass with Merit or Distinction!

What WSET classes are offered by Palate Partners

Palate Partners offers WSET:

  • Level 1 in Wine

  • Level 1 in Spirits

  • Level 1 in Sake

  • Level 2 in Wine

  • Level 2 in Spirits

We also work with some of the top schools and educators to offer:

  • Level 3 in Wine

  • Level 3 in Spirits

  • Level 3 in Sake

If you are interested in being alerted when our next Level 3 class in announced, please sign up here.

More about WSET

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust was founded as a charitable trust in 1969 to serve the growing educational needs of the UK wine and spirits industry which, at the time, primarily spanned import, distribution and retail. Funding was provided by The Vintners' Company and WSET took over the education initiatives started by the Wine and Spirit Association of Great Britain.

In 1977 WSET expanded access to qualifications abroad, by launching courses in the Republic of Ireland, and across the Atlantic, with the International Wine Education Guild (IWEG) in Ontario, Canada, becoming the first North American provider of WSET qualifications. By the end of the 1990’s WSET qualifications were available in the UK, Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia. In 2007 international students taking WSET exams outnumbered UK students for the first time.

Today WSET qualifications are available in over 70 countries in more than 15 languages. WSET has become the most recognized professional certification and is the foremost international body in the field of wines and spirits education in the world.

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