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What's New with the Dean of Drinking: March 2019

I’ve typically eschewed bring contemplative in these notes, but March coincides with my 1-year anniversary of starting here at Palate Partners School of Wine and Spirits. As such, I do want to take a brief moment to say how much I’ve appreciated being a part of this community of wine and spirits lovers. It’s been a pleasure meeting so many of you in and out of the classroom, and for those of you whom I’ve not yet met, or for those who are new to the community, I sincerely hope you’ll join us as we continue to enrich our brains while stimulating our palates.

Now, onto the more pressing matters at hand: the exciting classes we have on deck for you this month! Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve got a second edition of the Tour de France: Bordeaux coming your way on the 6th, which I’m excited to report has also sold out! If this isn’t indication enough, make sure to reserve your spots for upcoming stages of the Tour – we’re also tackling Southwest France this month on the 13th, so if you missed out on Bordeaux, be sure to join us as we keep the tour going. For reference, the Loire Valley is our April stop, and we’ll then tackle the world’s best Syrahs (and more) when we visit the Northern Rhône in May, which is among my personal favorite wine regions in all of the world.

March also ushers in the first part of the quarterly South African Wine Safari class when we explore the Swartland on the 21st. Treasure troves of old vines, including Cinsault, Chenin blanc, Syrah, and more, yield some of the world’s most fascinating, complex wines at prices that regular folks like us can afford. This class is going to be tremendously delicious, and having spent time in the Swartland, myself, I can’t wait to share what I’ve seen, tasted, and learned with you all.

Rounding everything out, we’ve got New Zealand, Portuguese reds, Bacchus Bunch, and another round of Wine 101 happening in addition to our usual lineup of WSET offerings. We’ve started the year strong, and I look forward to continuing the momentum as spring (hopefully) makes itself known in Pittsburgh.

What Adam’s Drinking

I’m going down under in March with what I’m drinking. By this time of year, I’m so sick of winter and want a little touch of warmth and sun – which is what Flegenheimer Bros. Shiraz and Petite Sirah bring me. No, they can’t cure Seasonal Affective Disorder, but they can certainly warm you from within. Both wines offer bold, full-bodied flavors and textures full of black fruits, some leather, and enough backbone to accompany those stick-to-your-ribs stews and red meat-based dishes that we need before spring finally awakens. Oh, and I would be remiss to omit the Sparkling Shiraz, one of the most fun & surprising wines in the portfolio – not only is it great on its own, but it would be a great base for an end-of-winter sangria (toss in some cinnamon sticks, orange slices, a dash of brandy, and ice!).

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