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What's New with Deb: May 2019

A Note From Deb:


Today I’m too hot! Spring is here and Summer is on our tails. This however is not stopping us from going out into the heat and adding more heat. It is Grilling season after all. On our schedule we have a Land and Sea grilling class for the public and we are filling the dates for private Wine and Grilling classes. 

These are great for neighborhood gatherings, client appreciation and employee team building.

I’m super excited about a new class that I’m teaching that is all about the 44th parallel (above the equator).  We are always looking for new and different ways to present wines from around the world so “around the world” we are going to go.  We will stay steady on the 44th parallel and explore the land, vineyards and wines as we get to them.  Some will be familiar some not so.  We’ll learn about geography and climate while we are at it.  Adam is searching out wines for this class at this very moment.  I can’t wait to see what he finds for us. 

This month also finds us cleaning the corners of the office and warehouse so keep your eyes peeled for some random goodies we seem to find while spring cleaning each year. The first find on a shelf in my office….Schloss Vollrads Rheingau 1981 Kabinett Riesling imported by Dreadnought Imports, found in the basement of a long time customer, the cork is pushed in and we have our doubts about how well it has survived but fun to see this old friend from the year I arrived in Pittsburgh. I’ll keep you updated on further finds.

What Deb's Drinking...

It is getting harder and harder to decide what to sip on these days.  Our portfolio just gets better and better. The new wines arriving weekly continue to get praise from pros around the world. The other night when I got home and found an open bottle of Santiago Vinho Verde Blend.  A result of a wine trip a couple of years ago. This wine give me joy every time I taste it. Joana Santiago is one of two female winemakers in Vinho Verde that I just love. The best part is that they are great friends and I get to see them together on Facebook all the time. This wine, with a beautiful wine label, perfect for Mother’s Day, is a blend of Alvarinho and Loureira. From our notes:  It features crisp flavors of lychee and stone fruit, complimented by the aroma of lilies & elderflower. $16.79Kick your feet up on the porch rail and sip the spring evening away with this beauty.  

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