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What's New with Deb: March 2019

Spring is just around the corner and I have proof…..our three chickens are each laying an egg a day again. When it is cold they don’t lay as consistently. Some people watch Phil the Ground Hog and some of us watch the chickens and count our (their) eggs. 

We just spent a few days in Florida with some great friends and customers who made me laugh; they told me we’d have to muddle through drinking the wine that they moved from Pittsburgh to their Florida home because they left the good stuff in Pittsburgh. Well, call me crazy but if sipping on Gruaude Larose and old Port is muddling, then may I muddle around some more!! Thanks D & L for always sharing your wine cellar!  

I’m happy to be back home, where the grey sky doesn’t really bother me, and I get to do some more planning and working……Coming up we will be doing a special promotion of our amazing whiskey selection.  For years we have struggled on how to promote these spirits because they are super limited but I’ve decided that we are going to toss it out there and it will simply be first come first serve.  DO NOT hesitate when the list comes out. There may literately be 6 or 8 bottles available for the entire country.  I’ve come to have an even greater appreciation for these gems thanks to another customer who works at Wigle Whiskey so we will pass along some of his

wisdom also. 

BIG NEWS: We have secretly, behind the scenes, been working like crazy to update the Palate Partner website.  I am happy to announce that the hard work put in by everyone including our secret grammar department (you know who you are) is ready to be released to the public!! I can’t thank everyone here enough for all their hard focused work on this project. Please check out our revamped site and let us know what you think:

OTHER BIG NEWS:  Our very own Dean of Drinking has been here a year this month. Holy Cow how time flies!! We are just thrilled with the changes that Adam has made and just how professional, but at the same time fun, he is.   Thank you, Adam, for knocking on our door and asking to join our team!! We are so glad you did!!  And….. because you got a cool title I was able to change mine to Queen of Quaffing!! Ahh the benefits of a new team member!!  

And with everything else going on, I just spent tonight working on plane reservations to Paris with a train ride to Bordeaux so we can jump on a ship and sail the three waterways of Bordeaux. The planning has intensified. There are still some seats left if you would like to join us June 20th – 27th.

It is time now to get ready for Spring……….

What Deb’s Sipping:

Spring it screams for those fresh berry and bright roses that are just freshly bottled……..ok that doesn’t really sound like me, you know I love me an aged rosé. So while we wait for the cases of the new vintage of rose to come in I am sipping on a 2016 Ros de Pacs yes, my love of aged rose gets satisfied again.  

Those of you who remember the days when Parés Baltà was told to lighten their rose because “American’s thought it was too dark for a rose and not dark enough for a red” will welcome this piece of happiness that has come to our warehouse. Still not as dark as the days of the warnings but with age this baby has some of those same characters. The Grenache gives just enough earthiness to make this super food friendly. Order a case and we’ll reduce the price to $10/bottle  Regular price $11.02

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