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What's New with Deb: June 2019

Sippers, June is here, and what a month! First it is Father’s Day. I’m bringing out the “Fish Daddy” picture again – it hasn’t come out in years but it is one of my favorite pictures of my dad! Fish he did, and he did a lot of it. He’d get up in the (very) early morning, go through the house, and then announce that he was up so, “we all should be up!” Then off to the boat he would go; often the sun would be barely starting to rise. Sometimes I’d go with him, jump out of bed, and run to the boat still in my jammies. Jammies were the thing to wear because I was going to fall asleep once the boat started to rock gently on Seneca Lake (in upstate NY).

Speaking of boats and water, our river cruise to Bordeaux is this month, and I’m putting the final details together for speakers on the ship and visits to the wineries. Yum! The food and wine will be just delicious, but you can sip along with us even if you aren’t joining us – just pick a selection from Bordeaux in our portfolio and have one a day (might even keep the doctor away?). My dad would love the fishing shacks along the rivers of Bordeaux and the peaceful mornings as we quietly float down to the next town. (No yelling in the halls allowed!) As for fish, see our accomplishment at Off The Hook restaurant in our monthly review below. I am super proud of our new sales person, Jerry, who got us a meeting with Tyler, the new young sommelier there. Take a peek below for the great wines that they will be carrying. And for eating? Well, really, it’s more like eat and sip, eat and sip…that is our lives, along with a little hockey now and then. This month’s lamb dinner at Jamison Farm is sold out, but we are setting up the next dinner for July with Sprezzatura in Millvale with Jen Saffron. Okay, seriously, with the last name Saffron, how could we not do a dinner with Jen? This dinner will focus on sustainability in both the farming of the food and the wine. Find the details and buy tickets here: Sprezzatura Sustainable Dinner. Oh, and WAGGING OUR TAIL!!! At Palate Partners, we often hesitate to pat ourselves on the back, but then I was reading something from another wine school, and they announced an accomplishment of one of their instructors and literally said, “look how great we are.” I said, “Hey, wait a minute! Our Dean of Drinking, Adam, did the same thing, AND MORE.” So here’s to us…! I want to congratulate Adam on not one but TWO great declarations this past month. First, Adam was successful in making it to the national finals of the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup 2019. This round gets much harder, but we all know he is up for it and know he will shine. Adam will be competing against some very high-profile folks from Napa and San Francisco to be the USA representative in this worldwide competition. Cheer him on and send him lots of good vibes – he’ll be in New York on June 2 and 3 for this next round. Win or lose, he then will be part of the delegation going to Cape Town in September for the final to visit different areas of the Cape winelands and continue to foster relationships with producers there. Secondly, Adam has been shortlisted for the “Future 50” awards sponsored by the London-based Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and the International Wine & Spirit Competition highlighting the next generation of wine and spirits professionals. So, please: “look how great we are!” (note that I said please!)  Happy sipping!!


What Deb's Sipping

A sea of pink has arrived in our warehouse, and so rosé it is. This time a new, fresh rosé – not those favorites of mine with the age on them.

These won’t last long enough for age to happen; they are too good and restaurants are claiming their presell commitments, so the stacks are shrinking quickly. One of my favorites is the Rosemundi Rosato from Moris Farms: a bit earthy, but still fresh and delightful. A sipper

for next to the grill! This rosé of Sangiovese is $17.54 including sales tax.

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