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What's New With Deb: February 2019

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Deb kicking off Wine 101 for 2019

The postcard picture of snow out the window reminds me of my upstate roots (the real upstate, Rochester, NY) and the marshmallow topped hot chocolate that waited for us inside after flying down the steep snow covered hill in our backyard on our flying saucers (ask me about the big tree at the bottom of the hill). From hot chocolate to wine and whiskey I have traveled. The learning curve has been as varied as one can imagine and it continues even today.

Recently, I spent some time on the phone with a couple of winemakers from California in preparation for my California Wines class. Then I held a phone consultation with a Sake Sommelier before a private session on Sake for fifty people. A peek at my desk right now shows a new book on the faults in wine, another on the weird grapes of the world, and the most pressing one…. a book on South Africa outlining their history with wine as well as an examination of all their micro wine regions, so I can help Adam prep for his competition. 

Make no mistake about it we are as much a student of beverages as you are. You are our motivation to stay on top of our game!!

What's Deb Drinking?

We represent a lot of wines, so many that it is hard to taste them all every vintage. Now and then like an old friend one of them finds its way across our path. We were eating at Jean Louis, a new French Bistro in Dormont and the Tourade Gigondas was on the list. We matched this wine with a wide array of food selections. Coq au Vin, Braised Short Ribs, Duck with Blood Orange sauce and a butter braised Shay Cod.

Gigondas a sub region of the Rhone region of France, this wine is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. Smooth velvety and well balanced this wine is a perfect snowy mid week sipper. 

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