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What's New with Deb: April 2019

This month is just full of good news I hardly know where to start but here goes. First fun fact…I have a new car, you’ll never know it because it is almost exactly like my old car. It is just a year older and 168,000 miles rather than 235,000 miles. It is even the same color. As one friend said “that is the most expensive car wash you’ve ever paid for”!!! Ha Ha I said. Through this process I came to the conclusion that there are only about 150 Honda Element owners and all we are doing is buying and selling them to each other trying to keep them going forever. Honda if you are on our email list please hear us and start making the Element again!! (please keep the green so I don’t have to pick another color) Second sipping secret…we have new wines and lots of them. We are so honored that Kysela Selections has asked us to represent some of their wines. Kysela is known for importing wines of very high quality and of pure typicity in flavor and style. We have three new Burgundies, several South African, four Spanish and some fabulous spirits including a cassis, lemoncello, framboise, and fennel. Plus an amazing Dry Fly Whiskey that was aged in a PX barrel. Two of these wines are worthy of being selected By Ian Cauble, Master Sommelier, to go into the Somm Selection series. If you have watched the Somm Movie you know who he is!!   In addition to the wines from Kysela Selections we also have added some South African wines from Red Wolf Imports. Ian and Alyssa are two young exciting importers who are bringing in exceptional wines that are making us all just dizzy with delight. We have several small importers as suppliers and it is always great to watch them grow and to be able to help young companies succeed.  Another one is Chufly, a small company that has been getting national press from the likes of theNew York Times and Wall Street Journal on their selection of Wines from Bolivia. Yes we haveTorrontes and Tannat from Bolivia!! Adam will be featuring these in an upcoming class.  And one more for good measure, from a long time vendor Kindred Vines we have several amazing new Italian wines from Alberto Longo. These gems from Puglia are simply delicious.    Third thrilling tickler…classes are selling out! My job is to give you the good news and the bad news so I’m here to announce that when you see a class you want to come to SIGN UP. I don’t want the job of giving you the bad news that it is full :( We are thankful for the support that you are showing for the new selection of classes. It is inspiring us to mix it up and to come up with new ideas. In the coming months I will be doing a class based on the 44th parallel showing wines and grapes from around the world all at the same latitude. By request the grilling series will be coming back this year also. We will be doing two classes one on “Sea” and one featuring “Land”. We are also discussing next year’s 12 month series and quarterly series but I’m not letting the secret out yet!  Fourth fabulous feature….WE HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST COMING….a crowd favorite will be here at the First Friday of April Casual classes. Oriol from Pares Balta will be here and so of course we will be sipping on wines from Pares Balta.  After all that I need a class of wine!!

What Deb's Drinking...

Adding new wines is hard….seriously it is hard so here is a list of what we sipped on and decided to offer to you our sippers:

Bolivia Aranjuez Duo White (Torrontes/Moscatel), Tarija - $15.83 Aranjuez Duo Red (Merlot/Tannat), Tarija - $15.83 Aranjuez Tannat, Tarija - $22.46 1750 Torrontes, Samaipata - $23.85 1750 Syrah, Samaipata -$28.99 1750 Tannat, Samaipata -$28.99

France Domaine Thierry Mortet Gevrey-Chambertin, Gevrey-Chambertin - $62.91 Domaine Thierry Mortet Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Vigne Belle’, Gevrey-Chambertin - $74.57 Mas des Capitelles ‘Vieilles Vignes’, Faugères -$20.21 Mas des Capitelles ‘Vintage’, Faugères - $32.09 Cadet de la Bégude Rouge, IGT Méditerranée - $30.27 Domaine de la Bégude Bandol Rouge, Bandol - $39.58 Jean Arthaud Creme de Framboise, Bourgogne - $33.80 Jean Arthaud Creme de Cassis, Bourgogne - $33.80

Italy Terre dei Buth Frizzante Rosé Special Cuvée, Veneto - $14.01 Alberto Longo Red Blend Cacc'e Mmitte di Lucerna, Puglia - $22.57 Alberto Longo Negroamaro Capoposto, Puglia - $22.57 Alberto Longo Falanghina Le Fosette, Puglia - $21.50 Nonna Anna Limoncello, Salerno - $19.46 Nonna Anna Finocchietto, Salerno - $19.46

South Africa Ataraxia Chardonnay, Hemel-en-Aarde Ridg - $38.62 Ataraxia Pinot noir, Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge - $46.43 Keermont Terrasse White Blend, Stellenbosch - $25.88 Lismore Chardonnay, Greyton - $32.73 Lismore Viognier, Cape South Coast - $32.73 Villiera Brut Tradition NV, Stellenbosch - $22.25

Spain Burgo Viejo Blanco, Rioja Baja - $15.18 Burgo Viejo Old Vine Garnacha, Rioja Baja - $14.65 Burgo Viejo Graciano, Rioja Baja - $14.65

To order new arrivals call Dreadnought directly at 412.391.1709

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