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Upcoming Class Highlights Rising Popularity of Sake

Call it the silver lining of the pandemic – the desire to learn, make and try new things. Cooking and baking. Studying a language. Taking a wine class.

The rise in exploring different foods and cultures and tasting authentic beverages is behind the rising popularity of sake. According to a recent article in Food & Wine magazine, Japan’s greatest drink is more popular in America than ever before.

“…As people search for unadulterated things to drink, it’s a growing awareness that artisanal sake is as unadulterated as you can get. Nothing is used to make it except rice, water, yeast, and koji, which is rice inoculated with a natural fermentation culture.”

It’s clear. It’s made from rice. Its flavors don’t recall those of wine, or beer, or spirits distilled from grain. The labels are often colorful and calligraphic.

But sake can also be confusing – hot, cold, sparkling – not to mention its descriptors are in a different language. Sake-focused restaurants and bars around the country are trying to make it less daunting, as well as intro and advanced courses offered by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and the Sake Sommelier Academy, both of which you’ll find at Palate Partners.

To that end, we’re pleased to partner with the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania on a class on Friday, Sept. 23, that offers the perfect introduction to sake paired with Japanese food and wine led by Advanced Sake Sommelier Deb Mortillaro.

Japanese "Otsumami" and sake will be sampled on Sept. 23.

Participants will taste foods directly from Japan supplied by Kokoro Care Packages "Otsumami" box and enjoy some fresh sushi from Sushi Tomo.

Additionally, wine and sake pairings with traditional "Otsumami," a selection of bite-size Japanese snacks that are meant to accompany alcoholic beverages, will also be explored.

We invite you to expand your palate, taste something new, and engage in this exciting opportunity for artful eating, sipping and learning!

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