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We are overwhelmed and grateful to you all……

What a week we’ve had being showered upon by you and all of your support for our Go Fund Me page

“I love these guys”

“You are very important to this community”

“We hope this helps!”

“We are so fortunate that we’ve had continued employment ……..we wanted to support Deb and Mike”

"Important to continue offering classes and expanding minds and palates.....Thank you for your commitment for the last 40 years - Here's to a better 2020!"

And maybe just maybe my favorite new line:

“Money is like manure: it doesn’t do any good unless it is spread around, helping things grow!”

We have received over 25% of our goal and this has allowed us to bring back Lauren, our do everything person. She is happy to be back and getting herself caught up on paperwork that somehow accumulated while we were totally shut down.  :)  (paperwork just happens around here)

It has also allowed us to begin phase 1 of our deep cleaning which means that for a week or so we will not be in our building while the cleaning is happening but we will be working from home and Mike or I will be stopping in to check on the progress every couple of days.

When we are totally clean and the final decisions on how to have you back for live classes are put in place you will be the first to know.  We believe we will be ready for you by early to mid-July.

In the meantime we are continuing our online classes. So get your best summer jammies out and ironed, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready to sip and learn!  

Let’s start with this Friday and our Happy Hour concept where you bring to your computer whatever you want to taste and you can challenge me to talk about any region or grape variety that might show up.  Hum which jammies and what wine will I have ready to go?  AND all this for just $5.00! Class takes place from 5:30 to 6:30 so maybe just a bit early for the jammies…….

Again we can’t thank you enough for your loyalty and support. We miss seeing you, engaging with you and just simply having a good time with you. 

We are getting really close to being back to normal with some special twists that will make what we do even better.


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