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Our Latest Obsession: Sierra Norte Whiskey

We are beyond excited that the Sierra Norte Whiskey has arrived over at Dreadnought Wines!

We tasted these Mexican corn whiskies last year and have been dying for them to come in stock. All three varieties are made from ancestral heirloom corn grown by traditional Oaxacan farmers.

Sierra Norte Black, White, and Yellow are all made with non-GMO corn, distilled separately and matured in French Oak casks to showcase each whiskies' individual character and nuance.

In 2018 Sierra Norte was featured as one of Forbes Magazine's Top Non-American Whiskies Of The Year. Serria Norte Yellow was also named one of Whisky Advocate's Top 20 Whiskeys of 2018!

Filled with dynamic flavor, these smooth and unique whiskies are a must-try.

Check them out for yourself at Dreadnought Wines - Sierra Norte Collection.

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