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Online Classes Are Here for April!

Sippers!! How are you holding up?  We have been doing crazy tearing apart of our second floor, and organizing all kinds of closets and cabinets etc. here at home, 29 years of stuff being sorted.  Wonder if we’ll make it to the basement?? When not cleaning I’m doing some work here from home. This has been a challenge. First we had to get internet service to the house (check) then teach me this remote hook up thing (check) then work with my fabulous cousin in Geneseo, NY to figure out a platform to do online classes (check).  I want to thank Kevin Barsotti for his great help also. If anyone needs IT help for their business he is great. I will send you his contact info if you email me. So online classes are on the way. We are taking a slightly different approach and have asked some of our vendor partners to help us out.  A couple of them are in Italy and one from France but she is here in the US and hopefully more to come. For helping us we are sending 50% of the proceeds of the classes to them and the other 50% will go to our general fund to help pay the bills while Dreadnought Wines is unable to produce revenue.  These classes are our only source of revenue at the moment so I hope you will join us in having some fun (the Italians are way fun!!) while helping to keep the lights on around the world. I want to remind you to help the restaurant community also. It is the restaurants that will spur the business of all their suppliers who are waiting in the wings for this to all end.  We wish you and your families health and here’s a bit of wine and food fun to help the time go by….

TOMORROW Wednesday April 1@ 6pm  Celebrate Dreadnought’s Birthday with us! Have anything you want open and join us. We will do a toast to Dreadnought’s birthday, which is 39 or 40 years young depending on who you talk to. (the official papers say 40 but a promotional coaster we have would say 39!) We’ll have a general chat about what you have picked and what we are sipping on and I bet we learn a lot!! Have some cheese too…. Get tickets now Friday April 3rd@ 6pm Christel Burks from Les Vignobles Foncalieu in France joins us to discuss the Languedoc. We tend to lump this region into one generic region but really it is an amazing mix of puzzle pieces that have their own character. (If you can find a wine from the Languedoc, if you have one from us it might be from the Ensedune Line, which is from Fonclieu) Get tickets now Saturday April 4th@1pm Here come the Italians! Marco Scapagnini of Niche Italy will join us from his home in Sicily! This very energetic guy will invite us into his kitchen and not only tell us about Nero D’Avola the wine from Sicily but he is going to cook for us too!!  You can’t help but smile when this great guy is around!! (Don’t have a Nero D’Avola pick a wine from Southern Italy and we will talk about that too) Note the time!! This is so Marco doesn’t have to be up in the middle of the night cooking for you 😊 Get tickets now April 7th @6pm  Raj Sabharwal of Glass Revolution will join us for a lesson on whiskey…..”All Whiskey isn’t Bourbon”  Raj who used to live in Pittsburgh is one of the top importers of interesting whiskies in the country. We miss him here and now can get a visit with him. Grab a non bourbon whiskey and listen in to lessons and stories from the eyes of an importer and spirits educator! Get tickets now Sign up for these classes on our ShowClix calendar just like usual!!  Instructions will be emailed to you for logging in when you sign up.  To get a jump start down load the Bluejeans app on your computer or phone it is free to you!! We have more coming but wanted to get this ball rolling to help everyone as soon as we can! I also want to thank all of you who have sent words of support. It has been overwhelming the kind and encouraging words that we have gotten from customers, vendors, family, friends and fellow distributors. We know it is frustrating that we can’t sell our wine when PA Wineries, Distilleries and even Pot can be sold. But we will make it because of your great support!  Now I’m off for a day of discussions with the CPA, the bank and the truck loan folks. Oh boy a sip will be needed to night!! (and you all thought that you wanted my job LOL) Stay 6 feet away from each other and WASH YOUR HANDS. (need great soap? go to this is Mike’s assistant, Carrie's company and the soap is great) See you online! Much love and all our thoughts for your safety: Deb and Mike 



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