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ONLINE Classes are HERE!


We are thrilled to announce that we are taking our online classes to the next level! The most common request we've received during the roll-out of our new online classes was that students would like to be able to taste the wines along with us.

Well, we've made it happen!

After long months of having wines sale shut down due to the PLCB's COVID protocol (and maybe some other factors) Dreadnought Wines is finally able to sell wine again. So we're having Palate and Dreadnought team up - Palate Partners has created an offering of online classes* featuring some of Dreadnoughts' newest, rarest, and most-loved wines**!

These new wine collections correlate with the classes - so you can sip along.

Not sure you can drink 4-5 bottles in one sitting? No worries! Deb has been working with the team at Coravin and secured an amazing discount on their two of their models for you! We also have our more affordable Vacu Vin wine saving system available. Coravin will arrive next week - See below for pricing.

So grab some bottles and some friends (adhering to CDC and Allegheny county restrictions, of course) and join us from the comfort of your home for these all new classes! Check out some of our upcoming classes below, you can view our full list of classes with bundles here.

If you're interested in setting up your own private class and wine collection for an online event with family, friends, clients or colleagues, please contact

*all classes are offered by Palate Partners School of Wine & Spirits

** all wines are available via Dreadnought Wines.


Château Haut Gléon Class

Thursday, July 30th

6:00 PM


Haut Gléon is a special place where guests of the Foncalieu Group get to stay when visiting the Languedoc region of France. In this class you will explore the history of the winery as well as the special bottles their wines comes in. Deb will tell stories of her visit here and how the small chapel still exists where only the neighbors can be buried on the grounds…


Sauvignon Blanc Class

Thursday, August 19th

6:00 PM


Socially distant and self-quarantined summer days getting you down? Kick your summer up a notch with this fun class dedicated to the crisp, clean, and refreshing wine that’s perfect for even the hottest days - Sauvignon Blanc. It's become one of the most popular white wines in the world for a reason - it’s delicious. Come see what it’s all about in this new class. 


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