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Journey Between the Vines

When I was doing research for the Celebrating Black Winemakers class held in February, I came across the website for Urban Connoisseurs, the mission for which is “is to affect sustainable growth in the Black vintner community by increasing the number of Black Vintners in the US and abroad, create opportunities for the next generation to pursue various careers in the wine industry, and maintain brand and legacy for the Generation After Next.” That, in and of itself, piqued my interest, but I also noticed a page dedicated to Journey Between the Vines, a documentary that’s being made to highlight the lives of some prominent African American Winemakers. I reached out to Marcia Jones, Urban Connoisseurs’ owner, to learn more, and she informed me that they’re hoping to complete the project by summer of 2020.

I was looking for a way to help support the film in some way, and Marcia informed me that some of the profiled winemakers got together in 2017 to create a special Rhône-style red blend, and the sales of this small batch would go toward production costs for the film. I immediately snatched one up for myself, and I’m very much looking forward to opening this during our next black winemakers class! Only 100 cases of the winewere made, and you can grab a bottle (or two) of your own right on their website:

You’ll also find more details about the documentary and the overall mission of Urban Connoisseurs. Here’s to continued growth and exploration!

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