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Happy Birthday, Dreadnought Wines!

It is April 1st. The birthday of Dreadnought Wines. There are so many people over the past 39 years that have helped make Dreadnought Wines a success that it is hard to single all of you out.  Over the years Dreadnought has broken ground within the rules of the PLCB that has allowed us to service customers in what we hope is a friendly and educational way.  Next year we get to celebrate a milestone birthday and will do so with flare! 

To Mike Gonze, Bob Gonze and Shawn Beck, your vision to create and hold on to Dreadnought was and is amazing. The city of Pittsburgh is a better place because of you. The sippers of Pittsburgh thank you.  

We’ve come a long way in 39 years and are looking forward to more changes and growth in the next few years. We thank all of you for your support we certainly couldn’t do this without you.

Until next year, when the balloons and sparklers come out, we thank you and look forward to sipping with you all year long!

- Deb

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