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FREE Online Wine & Cooking Classes!

Sippers and Little Chefs….. So much good stuff coming up…..I don’t know where to begin. First I just discovered this great festival in Catalonia that I just wanted to pass along. St Jorgi day usually happens on April 23 but alas this year perhaps in July…… Check out this video of beautiful red roses and books. It will lighten and brighten your day. This comes to us from our friends at Pares Balta who are doing an online class with us on Saturday. Come join us and discover all the Rose Wine and Cava from Pares Balta! Next is thanking the folks around you or sending some hugs and love to others. We have some snack baskets/bags and boxes of chocolate that we can send for you. Starting at $20 for a box of Chocolate Taboo to assorted snacks starting at $40. We owe you and we want to thank you!  And we want you to have some fun……

On Facebook there is a Bacon Chocolate shot class going around and you folks keep asking me how to do this and for me to make some and send them to you!! I’ll do you one better I’ll teach you how to make these so you can have them any time you want.  Join me for this fun and FREE DIY class. If you want you can have the ingredients and follow along or you can just watch and do it later. Your choice: Bacon and Chocolate that is all you need for the cup. But you may want something to put in it once you have them made. May 1st, 6pm EST FREE Only interested in wine? Join us for another free class on May 6th, 6pm EST we’ll need a sipper together just to breathe in and out and relax. A virtual happy hour of sorts where we will learn a little too.  I’ll focus on wines from Argentina! FREE To join us for these free classes or any of our other classes please download the Blue Jeans APP this is FREE to you! If you have any questions email Come join us for these and the other classes that we have coming up!  Stay home and stay safe folks we are slowly but surely getting to a better place! Sipping at home: Deb and Mike  

Upcoming Online Classes

Tuscany featuring the Moris Farm Winery Wednesday April 22 6pm $20 An intimate look at Tuscany and a family winery.  Moris Farm is an organic winery making wines with the traditional grapes of Italy alongside international grapes. We’ll explore the lure of Tuscany and its charm GET TICKETS The Cava Class with Joan Cusine of Pares Balta Saturday April 25 at 1pm $20 Joan Cusine of Pares Balta will be joining us on a call to discuss the variety of Cava that they produce and their farming methods. GET TICKETS Cooking with Marco: Busiate with Pesto Trapanese and we sip Zibibbo Secco wine Sunday April 26 1pm EST $20 Marco cooks: Busiate with Pesto Trapanese and we sip Zibibbo Secco wine. We are entertained again by Marco from his home in Sicily and his soon to be famous camera lady, with a very traditional dish from Sicily! We’ll send you the recipe ahead so you can shop and make this delicious dish for dinner that night!! GET TICKETS NOW Sisi Carroll from Bocking Winery in Germany: Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Rose from PN Monday April 27 6pm EST $20 Sissi Carroll from Bocking  Winery in Germany. Though Sisi is in the US her dad is at the winery holding down the fort during these times. Sisi will have beautiful pictures from the Mosel to share with us plus insights from the long history of this winery that has been in her family’s hands for generations. We’ll explore Riesling (of course), Pinot Blanc, and Rose of Pinot Noir. GET TICKETS NOW NEW! Making Chicken Galentines with Deb April 30 6pm $15 (special price) This is one of my favorite things to make for company. You do it all ahead of time and It brings on the ohhs and Ahhas. It seems hard until you see how easy it is! I’ll show you step by step how to look like a pro!   GET TICKETS NOW Peter Genes from Gönc Winery in Slovenia  Saturday May 2 1pm EST $20 Gonc winery from Slovenia:  A true treasure Peter Gene’s the winemaker and owner of Gonc Winery in Slovenia will join us for a class along with JP Bougeois, the importer.  Peter has a magical connection with his vineyards and with Rock and Roll which influences his decisions when making wine. Come learn about 136 dots and what they mean. GET TICKETS NOW Wine and Yoga with Kristen Lane and Deb Sunday May 3 10am EST $15 WOGA  45+ mins of yoga and 30+ mins of wine / cooking. Ok we are going to give this a shot! Kristen and Deb are back to the yoga flow…Come join us via the internet for some stretching and then sipping and a quick cooking lesson! We can’t wait to see all of you!  And on the internet we have so much more room! GET TICKETS NOW

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