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Deb's Annual Easter Bunny Debut

Did you know….The Queen of Quaffing is also the Queen of Easter!!

When Poopers came into my life Easter became a whole other thing. Poopers was my first pet rabbit - Big, Fluffy and White. He lived in my bedroom, ate my homework (yes I had to tell my teacher that one time) and walked around my little town of Lima, NY on a leash with me. When the Easter Bunny lives in your house and you are an only child suddenly Easter becomes a big deal. The dining room table was full of gifts and baskets, the baskets were hid around the house and my cousins and I had to follow clues to find it.

BUT THERE WAS (IS) A FLAW….this flaw is all my doing.

See that guy in the back of the refrigerator? This is a trend that started waaay back when I was a child. Again when the Easter Bunny lives with you and you don’t particularly like chocolate (the real flaw) there is no way you are going to eat a chocolate bunny especially its ears and head.

Advantage for my mom….. buy a chocolate bunny, put it in the basket, wait a day until said kid ignores it, put bunny In the back of the frig, wait until the next Easter and start again. YES, my chocolate bunnies lasted at least three years each. I know, I hear you, but really the picture is of not my refrigerator as a child but as of two days ago. There it is waiting to be pulled out from behind the milk for a day of strutting across the dining room table only to be sent back behind the milk for another year.

Now that we are all adults, and the chocolate bunny simply knows its place, let’s get real….baskets of wine and perhaps a snack or two (or three) is what should be at the end of the trail of that clues!! We’ll even add some peeps if you want us to. :)

Hopping along with cats, bunnies and chickens…..Happy Easter and Passover (someday I’ll tell you the tail of putting croutons in the salad on Passover!)


PS: always dry out your peeps for at least two or three days before eating….a bit of chef advice.

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