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Annual Champagne Pre-Sale


We have another great opportunity this year to present our annual Champagne pre-sale featuring champagne from from one of our amazing vendors.  There is always great excitement around this category of wine, and we are very pleased that the 2008 vintage is available again this year - a super vintage for champagne!

One of our champagne loving customers said to me “by a great coincidence we were married in 2008!” This couple will be celebrating for decades with this vintage.

Married in a different year?  I’d still celebrate with this and others on this list!  

These wines will arrive in the US sometime in November provided there are no logistic disruptions at the time they are released. 


We will submit your orders as we get them so we don't miss out.  Everyone's deadline is this Thursday, August 20th, so let us know asap!!  We will not charge your credit card until we see the product in our warehouse. If the vendor requires a 50% deposit we will let you know.

Thanks, and we are so happy to be able to offer this to you! See the full list below!

Deb and Mike

Please direct any questions you may have to Deb -



Located in the heart of the Vallée de la Marne in Troissy, Champagne Charles Orban produces delicious grower champagnes at affordable prices. The Orban family has been growing grapes in Troissy since 1770. In 1960, Charles Orban struck out on his own and began creating the house style that Champagne Charles Orban is known for today.


Champagne Duménil is an independent champagne house that continues to utilize the experience that has been handed down through the family for 5 generations to create stunning Premier Cru, grower champagnes. Founded in 1874, the house is now run by Frédérique Poret, the great granddaughter of the founder of the house.


The house of Joseph Perrier is an individual and historic one. Each champagne is carefully made to demonstrate the precise and particular style of the cuvée. In addition to the Royal Cuvées, supplied to Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, they have created



Carte Noire Brut NV *six-pack only* 375 mL 300+ available  Pre-sale Price: $ 130.80  Frontline Price: $ 138.00  Carte Noire Brut NV 1.5L 300+ available  Pre-sale Price: $ 96.00  Frontline Price: $ 104.00  Brut Vintage 2008 750 mL 300+ available  Pre-sale Price: $ 54.00  Frontline Price: $ 60.00  Cuvee Roger Daltrey NV 750 mL Extremely Limited  Pre-sale Price: $ 160.00  Frontline Price: $ 180.00

Carte Noire Brut NV 750 mL In Stock in US $ 43.00 Brut Rose NV 750 mL  In Stock in US  $ 49.00  Brut Vintage 2008 750 mL Limited Quantities $ 54.00

Carte Noire Brut Magnum NV Case Pack 1 1.5L  Limited Quantities $ 104.00



Esprit de Victoria Blanc de Blancs 2010 *six-pack only* 750 mL 300+ available   Pre-sale Price: $ 594.00  Frontline Price: $ 637.20  Esprit de Victoria Rose 2010 *six-pack only*  750 mL 300+ available  Pre-sale Price: $ 594.00  Frontline Price: $ 637.20  Cuvee Royale Brut Vintage 2002 750 mL 150 available  Pre-sale Price: $ 178.00 Frontline Price: $ 190.50  

Cuvee Royale Brut Vintage 2004 1.5L 60 available   Pre-sale Price: $ 250.00 Frontline Price: $ 268.00  Cuvee Royale Brut Vintage 1989 1.5L 3 available  Pre-sale Price: $ 750.00 Frontline Price: $ 810.00  Tout de Blanc by Lauren Collin NV *only 1500 made* 1.5L 12 available Pre-sale Price: $ 255.00  Frontline Price: $ 270.00



Oenotheque Vintage 1999 750 mL 100 available Pre-sale Price: $ 128.00 Frontline Price: $ 138.00  Oenotheque Vintage 2000 750 mL 100 available  Pre-sale Price: $ 114.00  Frontline Price: $ 124.00  Brut Nature Vintage Premier Cru 2002 1.5L 150 available  Pre-sale Price: $ 89.00  Frontline Price: $ 95.00  Millesime Premier Cru 2007 1.5L 240 available Pre-sale Price: $ 118.00 Frontline Price: $ 126.00  "Les Pecherines" Vieilles Vignes Premier Cru NV 3L 20 available   Pre-sale Price: $ 300.00  Frontline Price: $ 320.00  Champagne Duménil Gift Set: 4 bottles each Oenotheque 1999, 2000, and Brut Nature 2002, 6 glasses, 1 ice bucket 100+ available  Pre-sale Price: $ 1,324.00  Frontline Price: $ 1,488.00 

Grande Reserve Brut Premier Cru NV 750 mL In Stock in US $ 49.00 "Les Pecherines" Vieilles Vignes Premier Cru NV 750 mL In Stock is US  $ 64.00 "Amour de Cuvee" Blanc de Noirs Premier Cru NV 750 mL In Stock in US $ 68.00 Special Club Premier Cru Vintage 2013 750 mL In Stock in US Limited Quantities  $ 76.00 Grande Reserve Brut Premier Cru Magnum NV 1.5L In Stock in US Limited Quantities  $ 98.00 "Les Pecherines" Vieilles Vignes Premier Cru Jeroboam NV 3L Limited Quantities  $ 296.00 

We hope that you will take advantage of this rare opportunity. We have asked our vendors in the past for older vintages of Champagne and finally we have some. Please direct any questions you may have to Deb at

*All quantities are first-come, first-served. All orders must be submitted by end of business on August 20, 2020. Orders are set to arrive in November. Orders may be subject to a 50% down payment.

**Please note that where quantity is listed the quantity is for the entire United States not just for Dreadnought Wines’ customers.

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