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Everyone's Favorite Summer Series is Back!

Wine & Grilling 2019


Master your grilling skills this summer with everyone's favorite Wine & Grilling series.


Not only will you leave well fed, throughout this summer series you'll also learn some great grilling recipes and top tips on successful wine pairings. This year we'll be holding two Wine & Grilling session - LAND & SEA. Each class we'll be grilling up something different!

We also offer completely customizable Wine & Grilling Events for you and your group. Check out our Events Page to learn more. 

2019 Wine & Grilling Dates:

Wine & Grilling Session 1: SEA

Thursday, June 13th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm  

In this SEA CLASS we’ll be grilling up fish and other sea creatures! 

$55 per person 

($50 early bird pricing available through May 30)

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Wine & Grilling Session 2: LAND

Wednesday, July 17th 

In this LAND CLASS we’ll be grilling (you guessed it!) animals that live on the land.

$55 per person 

($50 early bird pricing available through July 1)

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