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Whether you are just starting your journey into the world of wine, or are simply looking for a framework for the knowledge you already have, Palate Partner's Wine 101: Intro to Wine, crash course is the perfect starting point!

One of our most popular course offerings, this two-part class is great for groups and individuals. This class is offered both as a full-day class (Saturday) , and a two-day class (weekday evening). 


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This introductory level course is great for both hospitality professionals and avid consumers alike and is a great foundation for further study, including the internationally recognized WSET level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits.

This class has two key parts and is offered as either a full-day session or a two-day series. Part 1 of this course covers tasting and wine basics, Part 2 covers service, storage, and food & wine pairing. 


Upon completion of this class you will know:

  • the key factors of grape growing and wine making 

  • characteristics of seven key varietals

  • how to taste effectively and confidently

  • the basics of wine service & storage

  • how to effectively pair food & wine 


See full class descriptions below.

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PART 1: Tasting and Wine Basics


This online course is designed to help beginning level wine enthusiasts learn how to effectively and confidently taste wine while giving them a core understanding of the basic factors that makes wines taste the way they do. During this session students will achieve a comprehensive understanding of the main factors involved in grape growing and wine making, as well as the basic characteristics of key grape varieties. This course will give students a foundation to competently taste and discuss wines. 


What we’ll explore:

  • How wines are made.

  • How grapes grow.

  • Key grape varieties.

  • How climate and geography affect wines.

  • Aroma and flavor characteristics of wine.

  • How to properly taste wines.

PART 2: Food & Wine Pairing, Service, & Storage 


This online course for beginning level wine enthusiasts equips students with the tools they need to store, serve and pair food with wines. During this session students will explore a variety of flavor profiles in wines and what makes certain food types compliment (or not complement) them. This course will give students the tools and knowledge needed to successfully pair wine and food. 
What we’ll explore:

  • How to store various types of wine.

  • How to properly serve wines. 

  • Key characteristics that contribute to the palate of a wine.

  • How to identify flavors and elements that complement these characteristics. 

  • How to competently pair wines with foods. 

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