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Here at Palate Partners, we get lots of questions from our students about food and wine pairing. While we don't believe that there's a single right answer for what goes with what, we do believe there are some principles that can be applied -- and we're here to show you the way!


In this series, we'll be choosing food -- it could be a cuisine (e.g. Indian, Thai) or an ingredient -- and teach you all about wines that marry perfectly. This won't all be theoretical, though: we'll give you a taste of each item/dish and wine to accompany. Note that this will not be a full meal, however, so plan accordingly! 

Eat This, Drink That classes are $55 per person. See dates below. 

Upcoming Eat This, Drink That Classes:


  • Wednesday, June 17

  • Thursday, August 27 

  • Thursday, November 12

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